Running on board ship

When you are on a cruise, there is no excuse for not continuing your training. Aboard the Disney Wonder, the running track is Deck 4, where you travel .33 miles as you circle the ship. As you travel through the bow, you get a look at the anchor chains and docking lines. When you traverse the stern, stay alert for the wonderful smells that you may encounter there, because the bakery is right below you!

Here’s a time lapse tour of the running track of the Disney Wonder.

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  • Melissa · Posted June 6, 2013 at 2:45 am · Link

    We have only been on one cruise and we did the gym during that time. You can be airborne a bit on that treadmill on a ship!! I can’t imagine lapping the boat…but when your Marathon training…its just who you are…totally comitted no matter what the circumstance. Way to train!

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