3 thoughts on “Marathon Journey – The Broadcast – MJTB008 – Summer

  1. Thanks for this latest edition Derek! I was pleased to hear you recommended the ifitness hydration belt. I just ordered two for my husband and myself. I saw that Jeff Galloway recommended and also said it was the best out there….also ordered two extra bottles to use for longer runs. I was curious on the Nathan hydration vest I’ve seen a few runners use. Didn’t know if it would make me hot as I get hot really easy…lol Have you added ice to yours? I’d be tempted to fill it up with ice then cold water before I headed out.
    My training has recently been in the gym since I had an injury to my leg. Sort of strayed from run/walk with my daughter….and a month later had some issues. ugh… I learn the hard way.
    After a month of elliptical non stress on that leg…I’m on my way back and getting back out there….and its Hot! Appreciate your podcast…motivation…and inspiration….. Melissa

  2. Have you had any running injuries? If you have, how did you return to running? I’m easing back into running with advice from Jeff Galloway and using his 5K App.

    Re: What to wear: Also, how do you keep cool but safe in the sun during summer? Are there hats that are cooler than others? It’s my second summer running, come July. I’m still tweaking what to wear to keep the heat more tolerable. I get up early to run before work or weekend activities.

    Thanks for the summer adjustments podcast – great tips, I appreciate your wisdom.

    Grateful for your podcasts!
    Denise of Tulsa

  3. Just wanted to thank you for your videos and to tell you that you are inspiring me to get my butt off the couch and run/walk/run. I tend to go all out with new things at first and then completely stop when I get bored. I know with this program it will be easier to finish a 5k in September (first goal) , and then a 15k hot chocolate run in November! Thank you again for your videos, I need them to push me along the way through my journey. Oh, what kind of cross training do you do? Do you think it’s o.k to walk on my days off?

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