MJTB040 – Caring for the slower runner – A lesson learned from Bowling

Show #040 | Caring for the slower runner – A lesson learned from Bowling |

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  • Susan · Posted February 2, 2014 at 11:03 am · Link

    Great audio-cast. I am glad you addressed the negative comment even though it does give attention to those that can’t just be happy for others who are out there having fun and doing something they never thought they could. If it weren’t for you, Derek, I would not be running anymore. I used to run about 6 miles every day and never thought of taking a walk break. Over the years I suffered so many injuries and set backs. The running became less and less and my threshold for pain/injury was getting lower. Thought of hanging up the running shoes many times…..and then I found your videos on You Tube and was intrigued. I finally just put my fears aside and went out there and low and behold not only have I become FASTER but I am having more fun now than I ever did. This past week I ran a 5 miles 5 out of 7 days and today is scheduled rest but I told my husband “I could go out and run some more because I feel great”. (P.S. I didn’t because rest days are VERY important and I try not to get greedy). Let me tell you, a year ago, I would be limping around if I did 1/2 that amount in a week! I continue to be amazed and cannot thank you enough for putting yourself out there to help so many people. I guess there will always be the skeptics and those that don’t have nice things to say, but I am going to just keep on doing what I am doing and continue to have fun. I only hope I can one day inspire someone just have you have inspired me! Thank you.

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