MJTB054 – Running to Gain Weight

Show #054 | Running to Gain Weight |

  • Training update,
  • Congratulations to Melissa!,
  • Running in the news,
  • Running to gain weight,
  • Your submissions,
  • Don’t forget to send in your reports, comments, and questions!,
  • We are in the taper for the Utah Valley Marathon!

2 thoughts on “MJTB054 – Running to Gain Weight

  1. I’ve recently found your videos, and watched them all–from start to finish. I love them!!! In this podcast, you talk about how hard it is to lose weight while training for a marathon. But the elephant in the middle of the room is that you obviously lost a lot of weight on your journey–it’s easily visible in the videos. But I haven’t seen any place where you’ve shared about that. I know that weight loss wasn’t probably your goal, but would you be willing to talk about weight loss or weight gain, in terms of your own marathon journey? I’m training for a marathon, during which time, I’ve lost 20 pounds. But now I’m nearly down to a weight that I need to maintain, and I’m not sure how to do that, since I am still losing weight, but needing to up my mileage (just ran my first 10 miles this weekend, and now I need to move beyond that.) I don’t want to compromise my health in my training. Can you share about your own weight issues and training?

  2. Another great episode! Thank you for the time you take to put such great info out there for the running community–especially us r/w/r folks. It’s very refreshing to listen to info that is tailored for the type of training we do. Keep up the awesome work.

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