MJTB061 – The Santa Rosa Marathon

Show #061 | The Santa Rosa Marathon |

  • Live from the Santa Rosa Marathon,
  • My friend Rudy,
  • Wine tastes yucky,
  • It all started with an earthquake,
  • Kudos to Larry,
  • Pancakes and beer for the back of the pack,
  • Don’t forget to send in your reports, comments, and questions!

1 thought on “MJTB061 – The Santa Rosa Marathon

  1. I ran with you and your wife and again wanted to thank you two for helping me through the Santa Rosa marathon. As I told you, I have run over 50 marathons and won two ultra races, but today my goal is to keep competing with no real time goals. I have had so many injuries over the years, that I cannot train anymore. I love to train, but my body will not take 40 miles a week. Santa Rosa was my first run in over 4 months. I trained by swimming and the elliptical trainer at Golds gym. I plan on running St. George in October. My back is my current injury but I participate in Yoga 3 times a week. The stretching helps my back and reduces the sciatica pain. As much as I have run over the years it is people like you and your wife that keep me excited about marathons. I hope to complete the ironman in Kona when I retire in a few years. Thanks for keeping up your website and encouraging others. It was a pleasure to run with you and hope we meet again.

    Larry Trager

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