MJTB065 – Does the Half Marathon Have an Identity Problem?

Show #065 | Does the Half Marathon Have an Identity Problem? |

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  • Does the half marathon have an identity problem?,
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1 thought on “MJTB065 – Does the Half Marathon Have an Identity Problem?

  1. Hey Derek!

    I just discovered your show and this is the first episode I have listened to. I HAD to leave a comment because I agree with you 100% about New York Marathon. It is a tricky little beast. I want to run it, I really do, but I hate New york City. I have run a NYRR race before (NYC Half Marathon) and they did a great job, but I really do not like the city. I thought I was the only one that didn’t like NY. And it is not because I don’t like big cities, I am from Philadelphia area and I hang out and race in the city all the time. I just don’t know that I could tolerate getting around on race morning and waiting around at the start and finding my way around to the expo and all that. Plus I heard the finish line is crazy crowded.

    But despite all of this complaining…I am sure I will one day probably run it anyway.

    Thanks for the show and keep running strong!

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