MJTB078 – What’s the Big Deal About Boston?

Show #078 | What’s the Big Deal About Boston? |

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1 thought on “MJTB078 – What’s the Big Deal About Boston?

  1. Love your videos. I really liked your first Disney Marathon one. I signed up for ecoaching with Jeff and will be doing my first 1/2 marathon at Disneyland in Sept and a full in Oct at Long Beach. Just discovered your broadcast and have to say I really enjoy listening to them. Very nicely done.

    I know you just started your 4th year, Congratulations! Over the years how much total weight have you lost and how has your pace times improved? Do you still keep your ratios at 20/30 or 30/30? Just curious if the goal is to work on increasing the run time or decrease the length of the rest time?

    Thank you for the videos and broadcast they are great…. Hope to meet you out there running one day.


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